LabCore is an EMA accredited CRO, specializing in chromatography-related method development and method validation services including work with highly potent substances. We have permission to work with THC. Our expertise helps you get your analytical methods ready for QC or marketing authorization rapidly and economically. Our vision is to provide a helping hand in reducing the time and costs needed for the launching of new drugs on the market.

LabCore is designated to expand its analytical services in the pharmaceutical Industry, steadily transforming into a one-stop shop for pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical analytics.

What we do

LabCore is a company whose core values are precision, accuracy, high quality and high adaptability to our partner’s needs. We offer our customers a boutique-like approach to co-designing the best services for their specific requirements. We have the knowledge to support big pharmaceutic companies in all fields of method development and validations and offer support for their research—our forte.


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