Custom synthesis


We provide custom synthesis of organic compounds from milligram to kilogram quantities. We are specialized in synthesis of process impurities, custom building blocks, specialty chemicals and libraries of research chemicals for screening of biological activities.

Development of novel routes of synthesis, including optimisation of syntheses, laboratory scale process development, identification of impurities and their synthesis is another service we offer. We can also evaluate your existing manufacturing process and provide you ideas for cost, yield and quality optimisation.

Companies that need commercially unavailable organic compounds can contact us for cooperation. We have expertise in multistep syntheses of complex organic compounds, including medicinal chemistry libraries and synthesis development of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This includes experimental evaluation of prior art, as well as developing new routes of synthesis, or new compounds for expanding your intellectual property.

Custom manufacturing

We have resources for multistep manufacture of organic compounds up to multikilogram size. Scale up process development is available. Please inquiry for details.



Are you looking for a commercial supplier of a specific chemical that appears difficult to source? Contact us and we may identify the best supplier complying to your specifications. We have an extensive web of contacts and may be able to broker the best deal for your company.

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