LabCore is a company whose core values are precision, accuracy, high quality, and high adaptability to our partner’s needs. We offer our customers a boutique-like approach to co-designing the best services for their specific requirements. We have the knowledge to support big pharmaceutic companies in all fields of method development and validations and offer support for their research – our forte. For smaller companies, we offer a complete approach to their needs. From our collaborations so far, we understand the products of our customers and can also contribute to their understanding of the regulatory requirements, especially for companies just entering the field or those who would simply like to add value to their products.

We offer method development, validation/verification and the transfer of all applicable methodologies used in pharmaceutical analytics:

  • Method development
  • Validation/Verification
  • Method transfer
  • Research

We offer research services in the field of synthetic chemistry, such as the synthesis and characterisation of impurities and the synthesis of standards, possible API development, etc.

Furthermore, we are always open to new collaboration opportunities in the field of pharmaceutical or chemical science.

We can also provide physical and physicochemical testing for raw materials, finished products and packaging, such as:

  • Identification
  • Assay
  • Tests for related substances
  • Dissolution
  • Stability

We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge to help you with your every need in your path of growth and development.

As a dedicated CRO, we are always following the trends and needs of the industry and we have noticed that there is a fast-developing market focusing on products made from Cannabis sativa that mostly lack high-end analytical support that also meets all the regulatory requirements.

The first step we took, before starting to offer our expertise to this field of production, was to obtain a permit to work with THC, the so-called opium exceptions. We have noticed that designated laboratories lack this and that it could potentially put our future clients and their work at risk. As we want to offer complete support to our clients, that was an obvious choice.

With our experience end expertise, we can offer a vast range of analysis method development under GMP and ISO standards and research, as well as help build a product that would fit the needs of the regulatory requirements and the market.

We are here to help you.

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